• How to obtain a fire or accident report

  • To obtain a fire or ems record, please call (281) 452-5782, ext. 2 and speak with Sharon Drake during business hours Monday through Thursday 7am – 5pm or Friday 8am – noon. Requests may also be faxed to (281) 860-0019

  • What to do "after" a fire.

  • Have injuries treated by a medical professional. Wash small wounds with soap and water. To help prevent infection of small wounds, use bandages and replace them if they become soiled, damaged or waterlogged. Remain calm. Pace yourself. You may find yourself in the position of taking charge of other people. Listen carefully to what people are telling you and deal patiently with urgent situations first. Check with the fire department to make sure your residence is safe to enter. Anyone entering your damaged home should wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, closed-toed rubber-soled shoes or boots and work gloves, plus dust masks, safety goggles and/or a hard hat when necessary. For further information please visit : The Red Cross Website

  • The reason for holes cut into roofs

  • Ventilation of a building is one of the most important, yet least understood, firefighting tactics. Fire conditions inside a building usually involve high temperatures and poor to zero visibility. In addition to slowing the attack of the fire, this heat and smoke is damaging all of the contents of the building. Depending upon conditions, heat and smoke can create very dangerous conditions resulting in backdraft (smoke explosion) or flashover (extremely rapid ignition). Smoke is really nothing more than unburned fuel; almost all of the constituents of smoke are combustible. High temperature smoke is particularly dangerous. By opening a large hole in the roof heat and smoke can quickly be removed from the structure. This rapidly improves conditions inside the building.

  • How to schedule a station visit

  • How do I schedule a station visit? Please email Publicrelations@channelviewfire.com with the details of your request. Someone will respond as quickly as possible with further information and scheduling opportunities.